Koji Eyelash Curler no 73

I was tired of cheap eyelash curler that constantly hurt my eyes, and finally decided to buy the famous Shu Uemura curler. But, I was so glad when I found a review about this Koji Eyelash Curler instead.

It's a brand from Japan, and I read that this was made for asian eyes, while most of the eyelash curler out there were made for caucasians eyes. They are available in many sizes, no 71, 72, 73, etc. I decided to purchase number 73, because it's the wide one. I have big prominent eyes, so most curler pinch my eyes (ouch!)

Bought this for 80.000 idr (US$9) from a local online seller, almost 1/3 price of the Shu Uemura, ha! It has one rubber replacement, and a wide opening. It feels sturdy and looks elegant.

The result was UNBELIEVABLE. I tried this eyelash curler at home at 6pm (for no reason, just looking for something to do before sleep in a bored afternoon). My eyelash were beautifully curved, without any weird edges on them like when I wore my cheap curler. And when I woke up the next morning, my eyelash still lookes the same! Yes the same beautifully curved as the last evening (note: I awake at least 7am every mornings, like all mothers do). Talking about beauty sleep eh.

The size is perfect for my eyes, didn't pinch my eyelid, and long enough to curved all my eyelashes. If you have small/hooded eyes you might want to try the number 71/72, as this one would be too big for you.

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