Makeup Artist's Choice - Vit. K Eye Cream

Ok, I dedicated this post for all the mommies out there who craved for some good night sleep. Not that I can give you what you wanted you must ask that to your adorable little creatures that keeps you awake at night (or her father). I could suggest you an answer to the dark shadows that hanging around your eyes.

I've been searching for an effective dark circle eraser eye cream for ages, and have found none. Thankfully that's a thing called concealer, but there's days that I wish I could go to the mall with my bare skin and still look fabulous.. Anyway, I was googling some article for dark circle treatment and found that Vit. K can help to correct the skin discoloration (beside lacking of sleep and anemia). There's some eye creams on the market containing Vit. K, but I found out that Makeup Artist's Choice - famous for their home peeling - sell sample sizes of their eye cream. I'm quite skeptical on this one, so I don't want to order the full size jar yet.

I bought this for 55.000 idr (US$6) for 3 gr of sample cream. The full size one is around 260.000 idr (US$29) for 1.5oz of product.

Well, since I didn't expect much, I'm quite surprise at the result. After 2 weeks using this, day and nightime, I noticed a slight reduction on my dark circle. It was a good thing right? I've read that you can't rid of dark circle unless with heavy medical kind of treatment, such as surgery. But this eye cream can definitely help you to reduce it, and make you one step less from being a panda-mom (I'm talking bout the black eye circle of course, not the fat).

Wonder how it works? Here's a brief explanation from their website:

Dark undereye circles are caused by weakened and/or swollen vessels and capillaries which accumulates, causing the dark areas.
Vitamin K will help the body to reabsorb the blood into the skin and reduce those dark, difficult-to-resolove areas.

Purified water, glyceral stearate, vegetable oil, vitamin k, stearyl stearate, lactic acid, cetyl alcohol, lime flower extract, allantoin, cetearyl alcohol, microcrystaline cellulose, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate, citric acid.

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