Burt's Bee - Baby Bee

Ok, this is a good example of how obnoxious I am. I really hate the idea of exposing my baby son to all those potentially harmful chemicals. So I try to raise him as organic as possible, including organic foods and toiletries. Some chemicals is fine once in a while, but not on regular basis. We're living in a dangerous dangerous world nowadays, aren't we...

Left-Right: Baby Bee Buttermilk Lotion 4oz, Tear Free Shampoo & Wash 12oz, Diaper Ointment 3oz, All Better Balm

The main reason I choose this particular brand is only because it's affordable enough for me, and there's a local online seller who would provide me these straight from the US. But honestly, since this company is bought by Clorox, I started to have my own doubt. And also for whatever reason, they discountinued some of their best selling product like the Baby Bee Buttermilk Lotion and All Better Balm above.

Will review the individual items later.

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