Caboodles Makeup Organizer

OMG I want these so badly!!

I was browsing around target.com (we don't have a Target chain store here), when I my eyes caught this uber cute thing:

No, it's not a purple retro screwdriver toolbox, it's a TRAINCASE with an auto-open tray! It even has a small mirror inside. The price? Only US$13.99 (!!!!)

Just when I think that I'll die of excitement, I saw this too..

A lacey makeup traincase? What more can a girl ask... And it's only US$19.

And it also available in this sexy pink.

But these are available in the US only. I found some sellers on ebay, but the shipping cost is outrageus! I think I'm going to apply for a green card.


  1. GET IN THE LINE!!! LOL, i've been wanting that traincase since last year, the purple caboodles, i tried my lover to get that for me, but they don't have it in Target Australia T-T

  2. I knoww riiiteee...!!
    I wish they could ship this internationally, but I read its weight is about about 3kg, darn!


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