Pacifica Solid Perfume - Indian Coconut Nectar & Tibetan Mountain Temple

When I was pregnant, i read somewhere that perfume is a very dangerous thing for babies. It could damage their immature lungs and cause respiratory problem due to the nasty chemical spray. And that was the time to say adieu to my precious perfumes.. *sob...

So, you have no idea how happppyyy I am when I found out about this brand. Pacifica is a brand known for their natural fragrances with no artificial ingredients yaaayy..

They come in spray, roll-on and solid perfume. They have body butter and body wash to compliment their fragrances line. At first I was hesitate to buy perfume online, but I kept reading good review about them. I end up bought the Indian Coconut Nectar and Tibetan Mountain Temple solid perfume. Dunno why I choose the solid ones, I guess because the packaging is so fancy and I never tried a solid perfume before. It cost me 90000 idr each at a local online seller (US$10).

This is the fragrance notes from Pacifica website:

Indian Coconut Nectar:
Pacifica’s Indian Coconut Nectar is a sensuous and delicious blend inspired by travels to faraway destinations. This warm, sultry blend of coconut and delicate creamy vanilla is pure ambrosia.

Tibetan Mountain Temple:
Vetiver and Indonesian Patchouli are the base of this tranquil, incense-like blend, while Ginger sits lightly in the middle and Orange provides expansive lift for these distinctive essential oils.

This is how the solid perfume look like:

Ok now my own review:
Althought the price is super cheap, these smell like a high end brand perfume. The essential oils are carefully blend to create an unique smell, strong but not over the top. Each perfume has a strong individual character so make sure you read the description carefully before you buy, otherwise it won't suit your tastes.

The Indian Coconut Nectar has a hint of coconut smell (real coconut fruit - the kind that won't make you dizzy), but the smell of vanilla is very strong (which I like), and I think they put some indian spices in there. It reminds me of an exotic coconut drink with vanilla syrup and some spices. I wish I could eat this thing haha.

The Tibetan Mountain Temple is a very zen fragrance. So if you're not a yoga person, I wouldn't recommend this. But since that's what I am, I loooooove this perfume. It smells like ummm.. a chinese temple (sorry but i've never been to tibet). My mom said that it smells like the little orange fruit they use in the chinese new year celebration. It's very relaxing and spiritual. Maybe because they added the Indonesian patchouli in it (apparently our patchouli are famous, never knew that).

The downside, the smell doesn't last very long. So I think I'll buy the roll-on one next time.

organic cocos nucifera wax (coconut wax), organic glycine soja wax (soy wax), parfum (Pacifica’s own perfume blend with natural and essential oils), prunus armeniaca wax (apricot wax), caprylic/capric triglyceride (coconut source).

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