OPI Over the Taupe

I can't believe I haven't review this yet. This is one of my favourite nail colour of all time.

Back somewhere in 2009, I saw a Hermes ad. I was stunned, the girl was wearing a deep chocolate nail. It looked so chic, never saw a nail color like that before in my life. So I vowed, I Must Have Chocolate Nail! Unfortunately, my quest failed. My local OPI (and other available brand) didn't have the colour I want. They only had the ugly mediocre red-brown kind of polish. So I burried my hope. I guess Hermes girl don't wear drugstore brand.

Fast forward two years in 2011, I was online window shopping (as usual), and I saw this!

I guess better late than never rite? Three days later, I'm holding this baby and couldn't wait to try. When I put these on my nails, I found out that.. yes, you can buy happiness - in a bottle.. This colour was perfect and worth the two years wait.

(pardon my feet, this is what happen when you're force to do home self-pedicure)

This is a dark taupe (is that even a colour name?) with mauve based. If you look good in purple, dark purple, then this colour will suit you perfectly. OPI has a darker from the French Collection called You Don't Know Jacques, but I prefer this one.

Apparently, after doing a few research, this is a dupe for Chanel Particuliere. Oh well, I'm happy enough with my OPI, who needs Chanel.

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