Max Factor Bronzing Powder - Golden

I know that I have a medium skin tone and live in a tropical climate, but I've always wanted to have a healthy tan skin like J.Lo or Jessica Alba. Sunbathing is not a good idea because it made me look like one of the homeless people around the traffic light (if you have been to Indonesia, you'll know what I'm talking about), instead of looking like this:

So make up is a good idea, and of course to achieve a sleek sunkissed look, bronzer is a must. And when I was looking for an good, inexpensive bronzer, I found the review about this Max Factor Bronzing Powder. Never heard this brand before but it seems to have great review about the foundation and mascara.

Fortunately, there's a Max Factor counter nearby (so tired to shop everyting online), so I get to try it and see if it suits me. Turns out that I loooooveee it. The colour suits my skin tone perfectly. Not too light/dark, and it's pure bronze, not orange (some bronzer I've tried in the past turns orange on me). The best part it only costs me 50.000 idr (US$5.5) and it's huge! It's also made in Ireland (not China haha)

The bronzer is shimmery but not too much. It's also pigmented so you'd better apply it light-handed. And since you get a generous size, I think you can also use it as a body bronzer.


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