Kose Softymo white cleansing oil

I freakin love the japanese. Can you imagine our life without them? No video games, no affordable city car, no sushi (gosh!).

So this is one of their contribution to the worldwide make up world: cleansing oil. This cleansing method has been used a long time ago by geishas to take off their heavy makeup. So before this was made available in drugstore, my makeup cleansing method was: eye makeup remover with cotton ball-cleansing milk with cotton ball-toner with cotton ball-cleanser-water. Now it's just cleansing oil-cleanser-water, no cotton ball needed (actually you can skip the cleanser part, but I always double cleanse my face, old habit die hard)

Anyway, the current cleansing oil that I use is from Kose: White Cleansing Oil. I love this, it's cheap (bought it for 90k idr/US $10 for 250ml), easy to use, clean effectively, doesn't dry my skin (I have a combination skin).

This cleansing oil was supposed to help whiten your face. But I have no single idea why, the bottle was written in japanese doh! They also have the speedy and deep cleansing oil variant. I'll try them later if this one runs out.

If you've never tried cleansing oil, the texture is like baby oil but less greasy. It also contain mineral oil, so if you're allergic, stay away from this. It does a very fab job putting my waterproof sunscreen/makeup away, including my mascara. It's also gentle on my eyes.

Here's the using instructions from sasa.com
How to use: Take a proper amount of cleansing oil with dry hands. Massage over dry face for about 1 minutes. Add a little lukewarm water and go on massaging to emulsify the cleansing oil. After the oil has been totally emulsified, rinse with a lot of water.

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    nice idea.. thanks for sharing...


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