Skin Food Salmon Brightening Eye Cream

The only thing that I love about Korean is their food. I don't really get the K-Pop culture invasion. But I think it's a clever marketing gimmick though, to use porcelain-faced dancing teens as a country promoting tools (way to go Lee Myung-Bak!)

Anyway, when my brother had a quick trip to South Korea, I couldn't resist to try the so-called Korean skin care brand named Skin Food. This brand is very famous in Indonesia, and it has many die-hard fans around here. So I thought, eh why not... Actually Skin Food has opened many stores in Indonesia but the products price is cheaper in Korea, and I mean 50% cheaper (what a rip off).. So I decided to get some of their best-seller items.

Since I'm still looking for a powerful eye cream to vanish my extremely dark circle, I wanted to try their famous Salmon Brightening Eye Cream. It's packed with omega 3 and arbutin to help reduce dark area under your eyes.

Too bad all of the description are written in Korean, so I couldn't understand a single thing. I couldn't find any further information on their website either.

I've been using this cream for more than a month now, from a.m to p.m. I lightly dab this cream under my eyes and also on my eyelid, because the darkness has sneak to all of the area around my eyes.

The eye cream feels refreshing and hydrating. It's like it gives all the nutrition needed into my eyes skin. Too bad it stings my eyes if I applied too much, and it'll look greasy too. So less is more with this one.

Sadly I haven't noticed any improvement on my dark circle, but the skin area around my eyes feels smoother and looks healthier - only dark.. This cream is very huge (30g), so I think I'm stuck with this one for a while before I go off hunting a new eye cream. For it's price I think it's a decent product (my brother bought it for 17.000 korean won). If you don't have a heavy-case of dark circle like I do, maybe it'll work for you

The other good side of this brand? They gave me plenty of free samples to try on, yaay!


  1. ngga terlalu ngefek ya? >.< tp itu kayaknya tergntung jg sama lifestyle kita sih.. aku jg keseringan tidur mlm.. jd mata panda.. T_T
    nice review :)

  2. Iya nih.. Emang sering kurang tidur ama turunan juga kayanya. Musti cari eye cream lain yang lebih manjur :(
    Thanks yaa.. ^^


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